Covenant College of Missions

Mission TrainingThe PURPOSE of Covenant College of Missions is to equip the Church of Africa to Reach the Unreached People Groups.

We believe that the Great Commission was given to the Church and that it is the responsibility of the church. It is not up to individuals alone to evangelize the unreached- it takes the whole body of Christ.

Therefore, the Covenant College of Missions is here to serve by equipping the whole church for being involved in fulfillment of the great Commission. Our missionary training programme is here to train those from your body who have a call to go to the unreached. At the same time, however, we are here to help train those who are called to remain and serve as SENDERS to the unreached. Both are vitally important to the mission's process, and both SENDERS and GOERS need training in order to be fully affective in their calling.

We believe that it is for the church to send, and from that basis it is the local church that applies to send a missionary candidate for training at the C.C.I school of missions. THEREFORE, the following information is actually written for the pastor and leaders of the sending church to read, in addition to the missionary candidate himself.


Our vision at Covenant College of Missions is to stand side by side with the church as you increase your level if involved in missions. We are here to train your people and to train them in line with the vision of the church. You are the VISION-HOLDERS we are here to help serve and facilitate that vision.

In any partnership there are responsibilities on both sides, and it is important that both sides understand their responsibilities and that of the other. Our purpose at this point is to bring clarification as to what the local church responsibility is to the Covenant College of Missions in sending a Missionary Candidate and likewise what our responsibilities are to you.

A local church applying to send a Missionary Candidate to the Covenant College of Missions must exhibit, or be working on, the following.

  2. A LEADERSHIP who passes the vision onto the congregation.
  3. A vision that is OWNED by the people of the church.
  4. A COMMITMENT to fulfilling this God-given vision, no matter the cost.
  5. A commitment to reaching a PARTICULAR UNREACHED PEOPLE.
  6. Experience in at least some leadership, having VISITED the target people.
  7. An active MISSION COMMITTEE, or similar body, responsible for the area of missions.
  8.  A missions BUDGET in place, showing what they are willing to raise to ensure that the unreached are reached (including the training and upkeep of missionaries)


The Covenant College of Missions will also carry responsibility to the local in assisting it to develop its missions program. We will commit ourselves to the following:-

  1. Providing high quality training to the mission candidate, preparing them to effectively penetrate and reach the unreached people group adopted by the church.
  2. Assisting the local church in the development of their mission program, as needed and desired, in order to increase the mission vision of the people.
  3. Assisting the local church in the development of their mission strategy in order to effectively penetrate a particular people group.
  4. Assisting the local church in the development of prayer teams focused on missions and networking them with other such prayer teams.
  5. Assisting the local church by helping them to develop a network of other churches or ministries with a similar vision for the same or similar people.
  6. Making one of the Covenant College of Missions staff available to preach about Missions, upon invitation, on one or more Sunday mornings, or at other special mission events.
  7. Conducting in-house (for local church congregation) seminars on missions, with arrangements in advance.
  8. Making the church aware of resources that are available that will help them in their task of reaching the unreached.


Our missionary training programs purpose is to assist churches by giving quality training to missionaries they intend to send to their target unreached people groups, by preparing the missionary's character, intellect and practical ability to fulfill their God given calling.

In order to accomplish this purpose our training has various components-Classrooms, Discipleship and Field Particles. We will impact what they KNOW, who they ARE and what they can DO.


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