Disabled Rehabilitation Programme

Disabled rehabilitationFull participation and integration into society of disabled persons is the ultimate aim of Maasai Evangelistic Association. A disabled person is any person who is unable to ensure by himself or herself wholly or partly the necessities of a normal individual and for social life as a result of deformity in his or her physical or mental capabilities. Rehabilitation is a process in which the combined and coordinated use of medical, social, educational, and vocational measures assist individuals with disability to achieve the highest possible levels of functioning, the providing him or her own life. The problem of disability is far more wide spread than is generally recognized. At least one person out of ten in the population of any country is affected by some kind of disability. The most prevalent forms are physically, visual, hearing and mental impairments based on this estimation, at least 2.5 million people out of Kenya's total population of about 30 million are handicapped as a result of genetic causes, faulty pre-natal and post natal and post procedures. Deficiencies, accidents, diseases and other factors. However, up to now, there are no accurate figures which explain the number and categories of disabled people in the country.

The general objective of this programme is as follows:-

  1. Helping the disabled in their physical spiritual and psychological adjustments to society.
  2. Disabled programmePromoting all local efforts to provide disabled persons with proper assistance training, care and guidance, to make available opportunities for suitable work and ensure their full intergration in society.
  3. Promoting effective measures for prevention of disability, rehabilitation and realization of the goals of full participation of disabled persons of social life and developed and of equality. Our other main specific objective in this programme is of identifying training and resulting of the handicapped persons in wage and self employment so that they may be economically independent and able to contribute to National Development. The programme covers only disabled persons of working age and children that is, between tree and fourty years of age. The ministry of health undertakes responsibility of medical rehabilitation, while the ministry of education has responsibilities of programmes in special Education. Lastly, our Organization also tries to assist disabled persons to acquire more skills in order to help them create income- generating projects to help them be self-reliance, self supporting and self propagating.



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