Many children in Kenya enjoy freedom and education opportunities, but many Maasai children continue to face the wrath of poverty and the oppressing Maasai culture and traditions. Maasai Evangelistic Association will not rest until every Maasai child is safe from these painful traditions and receive education for a better future. We have continued to sponsor a number of Maasai children both in Nursery and Primary Schools, College and Vocational Training. Advocating for rights of under aged Maasai girls protecting them from sexual mutilation and forced marriages is our major priority in this project. It is costing us 15 US DOLLARS per month to sponsor a child in both Nursery and Primary Schools and it cost about 50 US Dollars to sponsor a child per month in Secondary and College.

Maasai Children in school 

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We work to promote education at a number of Maasai Schools.

Who pays for Maasai Schools?
Kenya state funding pays for the teachers at Maasai Schools, but the parents have to pay for books, paper, pencils, and sometimes the buildings too.

Extras for Maasai Schools?

Pupils inmfront off class

In many of these rural communities, there is no paid employment. In the arid regions, life is difficult enough without thinking about sending your children to Maasai Schools. Can you imagine walking 5-7 kilometres just to get your daily supply of drinking water? No roads, no transport, no plumbing... Or taking your herds of sheep, or goats, or cattle the same distance for water and to forage for food? Families live off the land where they can - they cannot afford these extras for the Maasai Schools.

Aid for Maasai Schools
Maasai Schools and even individual children are often sponsored by Overseas Churches and individual christians, who believe that the future of the Maasai people lies in the education that is becoming available in Maasai |Schools. 

Please pray that God will release the funds to help.

Maasai Primary School Education

Statistics show that 15% of the urban poor in Maasailand Narok District do not attend formal School. It is worse in rural areas, where this percentage stands at 60%.

This is a major concern to the Maasai Evangelistic Association, and we have worked hard to address this acute problem which afflicts the Maasai community. Our main goal is to reduce the negative practices that affect education and also to increase public awareness and dialogue about certain specific cultural practices. The Maasai Evangelistic Association also engages the community members in developing strategies and participating in activities that impact education and change negative attitudes.

Most places in Maasailand have no Schools and therefore the Maasai Evangelistic Association seeks all possible ways to start and build Schools in the most needy areas.

Education has always been a basic requirement in the alleviation of poverty. It empowers individuals and communities at large. Available statistics indicate that 15% of the urban child population of school-age children, from poor families, do not attend School. It is 60% higher in the rural population because there are so few Schools.

Maasai Secondary Education
At Secondary School level, enrolment raises eyebrows. Most students are boys because of negative cultural beliefs, which do not consider education for girls to be essential or necessary. Only 8% of all girls in rural areas of Maasailand have had a chance to complete Secondary School education.

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