Feeding Programme

Maasai Evangelistic Association will also want to see that none of the Maasai children in Kenya will have to go to bed hungry because of their families have nothing to feed them. More than one million people worldwide are chronically hungry.

This will mean that every 24 hours 40,000 children die of hunger or hunger related diseases. When most people are confronted with this reality, they feel overwhelmed to a point of not doing anything and they quickly conclude that there is no way to help such a big number. Maasai Evangelistic Association believes that saving even one life is worthwhile. Four out of every ten children in Maasai community suffer from hunger and poor nutrition. Half of these children will die of hunger related diseases. Keeping in mind that food is the top priority in our lives, it is sad that thousands of children go hungry every day, not knowing where or when their next meal will be. Many of the children in our Nursery and Primary Schools we support receive only one midday meal which we provide for them each day ( Monday-Friday). Thanks a lot to HARBOUR MINISTRIES which have been a great help in this project.

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