Maasai School Sponsorship Programme

The Maasai Evangelistic Association founded the School Children Sponsorship Programme to meet the basic need for education of the marginalized School-going children in Maasailand, in the Narok, Kajiado and Transmara Districts of Kenya.

We identified this need after receiving numerous requests for financial help from local communities for their children. We realized that, in order to offer a holistic ministry and reach out to the priority needs of these communities, we needed to help.

  • We started this programme to help Maasai children¬†
  • To release them from their physical, economic, social and spiritual poverty
  • To enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults who will be Christian in faith and deed.
  • So that they will become responsible members of their communities, families, Churches and nation.
  • They support themselves and share with others in need, and maintain their own physical well-being.


If you would like to help sponsor a child, please click here to contact us.


We will accomplish this mission through a Christ-centred, holistic child sponsorship. Our other main goals in this programme are:

To reduce illiteracy among the School-going children to 5% by the year 2015.

  • To change attitudes and practices which have negative impact on education.
  • To provide School Sponsorship for up to 5% of primary pupils by the year 2015.
  • To work with the Kenyan Government to fight illiteracy and poverty in Maasailand.
  • To mobilize communities directly and indirectly to change negative attitudes and the practices that affect the education of boys and girls.
  • We aim to benefit children from very poor families in up to twenty-five Primary Schools in Maasailand, located in some of the poorest areas.
  • The beneficiaries of this programme are identified in conjunction with community leaders, parents, teachers, parent-teachers association and Churches.
  • We will also consider providing sponsorship to brighter Secondary School students from very poor families.
  • Whether we have external support in this matter, we must safeguard on-going financial support. Our major concern is to start income generating projects for this programme.


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