Narok Region Geography


Click these links below to see satellite views of towns and settlements in the Narok district. (These pictures are on another web site, so please allow time for the pictures to load.)

Narok town, the administrative town for the Narok Region, and base of the maasai Evangelistic Association. This was in green and pleasant land. Compare it with -

Note this is a much greener region than the remote village Maji Moto

Maji Moto (Hot Springs), a semi-arid desert region, where 'Through Faith Missions' sent its team on "Walk Kenya" in January 2005.

Note this is a much more arid region than the 'county town' of Narok. Maji Moto means 'Hot Water'; we might call it 'Hot Springs', the only water source for miles

Here is a graph of temperatures recorded during the January 2005 Mission to the Maji Moto area, using a miniature temperature logger.

Kenya temperature chart

This was in the dry season, in a semi-arid desert region. Temperatures peaked at 39.3 degrees C, 108.2 deg F, but thanks to a cooling breeze on most days, this team member found it not too hot.
- Philip Tory


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